Hawke® Optics is a brand at the forefront in producing quality sporting optics that perform in the field at an amazing value to consumers. For 2019, the company explores new uncharted territory with the all-new flagship riflescope line – the new Frontier series. Unlike what you may expect from premium glass, the Frontier series explores new levels of quality and performance without breaking through the barrier of extremely high cost. 

When we hear the word Frontier, we think of a rugged, wild and ever-changing landscape where the rules seldom apply. It is a place where the strong and adaptive flourish, and the weak crumble. When Hawke Optics set out to improve the Frontier line of premium riflescopes for 2019, they held tight to those sentiments. One major change for 2019 is a new exposed tactical turret design that features zero-stop, resettable and lockable turrets with a state of the art return-to-zero function in 1/10 MRAD, 1/2 MOA, or 1/4 MOA. This allows you to adapt to shooting conditions in the field, and do so safely knowing that the scope will return to your zero.

The Frontier line of riflescopes are well known for index-matched, 21-layer multicoated lenses with exceptional clarity throughout the entire field of view, together with crisp image transmission for an unsurpassed shooting experience. Each lens layer is multi-coated throughout with microscopic layers of magnesium fluoride and other chemical layers guaranteeing sharpness, clarity, reduced glare and high light transmission. The result is unsurpassed crisp vision, ideal for making an accurate shot in any condition.

Each Frontier scope has Hawke’s patented zero-shift anti-recoil reticle gimbal that can handle even the heaviest recoil. The erector tube rail is held by Hawke’s Beryllium leaf spring that with use, ensures the reticle remains zeroed and the point of impact remains stable at all times. The optical system with its wide magnification range, provides increased flexibility when transitioning between close and long range shooting. Hawke’s wide range of reticle options are perfectly matched to the style of shooting each scope is built for, all with the end result of supreme accuracy for shooting and hunting applications. There are several caliber-specific reticles that provide even better accuracy, tuned to that specific caliber and the characteristics of the round. The Frontier scopes are available in First Focal Plane (FFP) and Second Focal Plane (SFP) optical systems, each designed to give shooters ultimate flexibility in the field. FFP scopes have a removeable zoom lever that allows you to make magnification adjustments with minimal movement. 

Like all Hawke Optics products, all Frontier riflescope models carry Hawke’s No-Fault Lifetime Warranty. No questions asked – it’s covered. Each has a 30mm main tube with a body CNC carved from billet aluminum for amazing strength. Priced from $449 to $899, this is easily the most affordable, premium scope on the market. Available April 2019.

About Hawke
#VISIONACCOMPLISHED. Hawke is a worldwide market leader at the forefront of optical performance with class-leading innovation and design offering a complete line of sport optics from rifle, crossbow, shotgun and air gun scopes to binoculars, spotting scopes and accessories. Accuracy, strength and precision; Hawke optics blend iconic design, exceptional engineering and unrivalled craftsmanship to create an unforgettable viewing experience. As awareness of Hawke Sport Optics continues to grow, more customers are trusting Hawke as the unquestioned industry leader in optics.  Learn more at www.hawkeoptics.com.

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