Ken McBroomGrowing ODU is all about finding the right pieces that help us move forward towards our goals. Its a nasty mix, grow organically (new subscribers to the magazine), grow traffic (new users and page views on the website) and finding like minded writers who see the outdoors the same way we do. 

Last week I had a lengthy conversation with the Rambling Angler (, who just happened to win an ODU contest. Ken McBroom has our passion for the outdoors and wants to help share stories of the outdoors and articles on how to do it with you. Ken McBroom

Where it all began for Ken: The writing journey began in a tent in Chicken Alaska where he penned a ballad called “The Legend of Chicken.” He was working there as a helicopter mechanic and while it was out flying all day, about 14 hours, he was able to fly fish and pan for gold in the many streams and lakes around camp. Ken also read many books and wrote. The 8’ G-Loomis 3wt built in a crew house in Southeast Alaska is tucked away now along with the many memories it provided. It was his third custom built fly rods in as many months. Two of them he had sold before even completing them and the thought crossed his mind. Wow! There might be a market for this and the company Rambling Angler Outfitters was born. The name later became Rambling Angler Outdoors.

Determined to work in the outdoor industry Ken’s journey began and this is where it would start. He started a charter business with the boat he was living on in Southeast Alaska, but that was short lived. A website was built many years ago to promote his rod building and the flies he tied. The flies were sold in small mom and pop businesses in Alaska. That 3 wt landed many species in remote locations and in streams without names. Many hours were spent building the site between 100-hour inspections, fishing, tying flies and building rods. The ever-changing world wide web proved to be frustrating from the start. And this is Ken’s beginning.

A lot has changed since those first days for Ken, but he is a digital outdoors guy for sure and he loves experiencing what mother nature offers and sharing his thoughts and knowledge.

And Ken, Thank you for your service!

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