The 20-year-old has an ease with the camera and he shines in his recent travel vlog.

Stefanos Tsitsipas made the most of a short Wimbledon by trekking back to his homeland and spending some quality time unplugged from the tour.

The World No.6 has had a fantastic year, reaching his first major semi-final and claiming two titles, but he has played 49 matches already and it makes complete sense that he would want—and need—some downtime to “unplug.”

In Tsitsipas’ latest Travel Vlog, aptly title “Unplug” the 20-year-old has some adventures in Corfu with his younger brother Petros. The two pal around, climing to the highest point on the island and then take a boat ride with some friends.

All the while Tsitsipas charms with his easy smile and his rare and unique ability to make the viewer comfortable and at ease, almost as if we are on the trip right there with the World No.6.

Tennis Express

Not only is Tsitsipas a great host, he’s also a great editor, his videos are slickly produced, and no expense is spared when it comes to getting the right shot all the way down to the perfect light and camera angle. There’s also great production, plenty of killer drone footage, a running soundtrack and, of course, plenty of moments where the viewer gets to feel like he is a VIP in the Tsitsipas circle.

There are a lot of players dreaming up ways to engage with fans and stay relevant in today’s age of social media, and some can feel forced or cloying. But Tsitsipas, one feels, is not just going through the motions. He makes his travel Vlogs just like he plays his tennis, giving every ounce of his energy in the quest for perfection.

The result is just over ten minutes of pure bliss, and I’m sure his fans agree.

This writer has just completed watching the video and I can’t help feeling like a little bit of that lovely Greek sunlight has been dappled on my shoulders. Maybe we are stuck at our desks, working away this summer, but at least we have Tsitsipas bringing vacation to our desktops…