Watch These Boars Fight In Front Of Two Hog Hunters

These two hunters in Texas were out calling hogs one evening when two big boars came in and fought right in front of them.

You never know what will happen when you’re calling hogs. Sometimes a whole group of them will come in to the call. Sometimes the hog comes in from a completely unexpected direction.

Heck, sometimes you’re even able to call one in while you’re literally sitting on a couch.

Well, Glenn and Michelle Guess of Hog Zombies were recently hunting together in Texas and two big boars responded to their calls from a nearby bedding area. Those boars then proceeded to put on a show when they fought it out in front of the camera.

Fortunately for Glenn and Michelle, the wind was quartering towards them and the sun was at their back. So, even though the boars looked right at them a couple of times, those hogs had absolutely no idea that there were hunters close by.

Watch the video to see how the fight between those big boars went down and to see what happened next.

Glenn was using a handheld thermal sight and managed to spot the incoming hogs through the thick vegetation. For that reason, Michelle was ready to make her move when the boars finished up their fight and when the bigger one crossed over to their side of a small creek bed.

She made a good shot with her trusty 7mm Rem Mag from Alamo Precision rifles and that 139gr Hornady GMX bullet did quite the number on that big old boar.

As they discovered, that boar was quite the fighter and was covered with scars and fresh cuts from battles with other boars.

What a hog! Nice work Guys!

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