No this is not a science experiment volcano, just the aftermath of a Muzzy broadhead.

Everyone loves a good, thick blood trail when deer hunting. But when the deer you shoot drops in its tracks and a blood pond begins to form… well, that is pretty good too.

This video is not for the squeamish, so move forward at your own risk. But if you love bow hunting and gaping holes from broadheads, you are in the right place.

This hunt from Pigman the Series is one you are sure not to forget. For the raw uncut video go here, but check out the cut version below.

The Muzzy broadhead does some serious damage on this buck. It looks as if this is an eruption volcano at a school science fair, but instead it is the crazy result of a slightly high shot on a deer that found lung and spine.

Almost unbelievable, super red blood begins to just pump and explode from the buck. Safe to say those broadheads do the job.

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