There are many choices, but these five guns for deer hunting should be on your list to research.

Deer season is fast approaching, and you’ll need to find some stellar guns for deer hunting.  Here are five you should definitely check out.

Here are the five guns for deer hunting that were explored in the video, in case you missed anything:

1. Marlin model 1894: This one is good for shots where there are few trees and low vegetation.

2. Marlin model 444S: This is a good option because it often comes with a sling or a place to attach your own.

3. Mossberg model 500 shotgun: If using this, be sure to learn your local magazine restrictions before hunting.

4. Pedersoli Kodiak rifle: This rifle should only be used by true marksmen, as you’ll have to get the deer with one shot.

5. Magnum Research BFR revolver: Unlike most others, this revolver’s chamber free spins in both directions.

As you can there are a variety of guns deer hunters can choose from, and this list really only scratches the surface. Stop by your local hunting supply store and find the firearm that suits you best with keeping in mind the five guns  you just saw.


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