Venus Williams opens up dreams, diet and father Richard Williams in a wide-ranging Q&A.
Venus Williams is a visionary eyeing a rousing reunion: playing doubles with sister Serena Williams at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.

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In a wide-ranging Q&A she conducted on her YouTube channel, Venus touched on several topics, including her game, goals, diet, health of father Richard Williams and her ultimate aim in the game.

Venus, who won the mixed doubles silver medal with Rajeev Ram at the 2016 Rio Olympics, made history in her Olympic debut sweeping gold medals in singles and doubles, alongside Serena, at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

The four-time Olympic gold-medal champion is pumped to play doubles with Serena again.

“Williams sisters doubles action has to happen soon—I’m missing doubles,” Venus says at about 10:10 of the video below. “They moved the Olympics to next year so hopefully Serena will play with me.

"Hopefully, we’ll qualify. Hopefully, the world will be okay, and we’ll be playing doubles real soon."

Venus, who celebrates her 40th birthday on June 17th, says she has no desire to coach another pro when her playing days are done.

“No, you know why?” Because they don’t listen,” she jokes at about the 5:15 mark of the video. “And you tell them to win the point and they lose the point. Can’t put up with that. Also, I don’t want to have anymore sun on the skin than I’ve had. I swear I’m gonna turn into a raisin.

“If I coach people it will just be at night when there’s no sun. And if they have a day-time match, I won’t be there. Simple.”

Though she won't coach pro tennis, the five-time Wimbledon champion, who revealed she's called "VeeVee" by niece, Olympia, says she's love to work with kids when her playing days are done. 

“Actually I do love being on court with kids," Venus says. "So I think kind of once I’m dong playing tennis I’ll probably take a little break. And then help the young kids a little bit.

"You know they don’t need me everyday, but I’m gonna come out and say bend your knees.”

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Asked about the health of her father, and original coach, Richard Williams, who has reportedly been battling illness, Venus replies: “My dad is going great. He’s a character out of characterville and I love him. There’s never a dull moment with that guy and he’s a great dad.”

The devoted 90 Day Fiance fan once famously described herself as “a chegan—a vegan who cheats” also dishes on her craving for a Cookie Monster-style diet.

“My favorite foods to eat are the ones I should not be eating: pie, cake, cookies, donuts, candy,” Venus says. “But let me tell you something: I have discovered that I love asparagus—but just not cooked. So I chop if up in little pieces, put in olive oil, salt and pepper, red pepper, truffle oil…delicious.”

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