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Every seasoned hunter ends up missing a shot at some point or another. That is just the nature of the activity, and precisely why it’s called hunting and not killing. There are no guarantees you are going to fill that freezer full of venison every year. Never is that more obvious than today’s fail video of a poor hunter just trying to make a shot on a buck on a deer drive. The drive ends up working out to perfection for this hunter. A young buck is making a beeline right for the hunter’s standing position.

What happens next is both stunning and perhaps even a little embarrassing for any hunter to admit.

“Sometimes things work out for you, sometimes they don’t.”

That’s the honest truth about this scenario, but we have to imagine it still stings a lot. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had a deer in that close to me. To see him coming and to be ready for the shot only to totally blow it? And then to have such a missed opportunity on video? He’s a brave man for uploading this to the Internet to share with others. We’re sure his buddies are still ribbing him for it.

If you hunt long enough, this sort of thing is bound to happen. Back in 2003, I had a nice 8-point offer a perfect shot at 30 yards broadside. My first shot with my shotgun missed, but the buck did not flee. So, I shot again. After that, the buck just calmly walked away. I hadn’t even touched a hair on his body.

I remember going home and shooting the gun again on target to check my scope. Everything was fine, my sights didn’t get bumped. To this day, I have no explanation for what happened on that hunt. Like we saw here, there is no explanation. I ended up shooting a larger buck a week later, so that sting went away quickly, but that week between the miss and the buck I killed was a painful one for sure.

Well, he can look on the bright side. At least it was just a young buck and not the deer of a lifetime. Misses are a good learning experience and we’re betting he was better prepared the next time he went afield.

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