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undercover buck checks out hunting store

Hunters spend a lot of time monitoring the bucks in their go-to hunting spots, watching them come and go on trail cams, and comparing notes with other hunters in the area. But what if the tables were turned? What if the deer started keeping tabs on hunters? The creative minds behind the TikTok account @ohyoubetcha rolled out a hilarious video answering that query in the best way possible.


I think the deer are catching on 🦌 ft. @Charlie Berens

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The video was captioned, “I think deer are catching on,” and we couldn’t help but crack up! It follows an undercover buck wandering around a sporting goods store, diligently taking notes and passing on the intel. Glancing at the shelves, the buck tells his buddy on the phone, “Larry, this isn’t good. You should see all the stuff they have. I don’t think we stand a chance this year.” He grabs a product and turnS it toward the camera so viewers can see. It’s a deer rump, meant to decoy in big bucks eager for breeding.

About this time, a store associate walks around the corner and asks if he can help. The buck exclaims, “What’s that smell?” With the bewildered store associate in tow, the buck tears off, searching for the scent that captured his attention. Marching down the aisle, he stops and rifles through some hanging merchandise which viewers can see is doe urine. He asks the associate, “Can you read this for me? I’m colorblind.”

The buck continues through the store, checking out various hunting products. “This is a recon mission. Gotta find out what these hunters are doin’,” he says, continuing his journey down the hunting gear rabbit hole. Peering around the corner and again sniffing something, the buck wonders why the store associate is talking to a tree. Lo and behold, it’s a hunter clad in camo. The buck watches as the associate demonstrates a product for the hunter, explaining that it will attract virtually any buck. The hunter blows the call, instantly drawing the undercover buck to his side, who remarks, “You sound just like my cousin Larry.”

His terror level increases when he finds himself in the bow aisle. Racking his brain for a solution, the buck grabs a pair of bolt cutters. However, before he can annihilate all those deer-killing devices, the pesky store employee reappears. Annoyed by the buck’s antics, the employee tells him he needs to buy something or leave.

The comedy continues when the buck attempts to buy all of the store’s ammo. Most viewers’ favorite line comes from this part of the video, as he goes to pay for his $100,000+ purchase, saying, “I only have a buck.” He tries to throw in a Chevy side mirror, leading to another awkward moment as the store associate mentions he lost his that morning when he hit a buck. Not wanting to see where that revelation led, the buck bolts out of the store. Once safely outside, he decides, “It wasn’t a total loss,” pulling the doe urine out of his pocket and sniffing it.

Tiktokers loved the video for the ironic humor. One even wrote, “This reminds me of the Jeff Foxworthy Incomplete Deer Hunter.” We’d say that’s a pretty solid compliment!

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