500 Pound Bear Hunt

Plenty of hunters get the chance to harvest a black bear every year. Very few get to harvest a bear of what one would consider to be a true giant. We’re talking a bear that weighs over 400 pounds. Most wild black bears simply don’t grow to such gargantuan proportions. However, a lucky few do get a chance every year. Today’s video from Canadian outfitter SaskAdrenaline highlights one such hunt in Saskatchewan. The monstrous bear is first spotted on a different hunt after another hunter has already released an arrow at a different bruin. They can only watch as the ridiculously fat bruin waddles his way through the bait site.

A few days later, the outfitter puts a different hunter, Nick, in the same stand in hopes of running into the same animal. The hunter and camerawoman don’t need to wait long. The big bruin once again comes into the bait but doesn’t offer a clear shot before vanishing in the brush. While waiting for him to reappear, a smaller bear tries to climb the tree the hunters are sitting in! After that younger bear is finally scared away, the monstrous bruin comes back out and offers a perfect shot. Make sure to watch to the end where it takes four grown men just to roll this beast into a trailer so it can be transported out of the field!

This bear is almost too big to be believed. According to SaskAdrenaline, the bear measured over eight feet and was easily over 500 pounds, more than enough to qualify for the Boone & Crockett record book. It’s just not every day that one encounters a bear like this. This bear looked like he ate the entire contents of a bakery and then went back for seconds later!

When you factor in the size of this bear, the number of animals sighted including the one that tried to climb the tree, it all makes for nothing short of the hunt of a lifetime. We must agree, this guy can retire from bear hunting now. Because you’re probably never going to top this one!

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