My friends at Seven Fish recently posted a video on casting spinners for some of our put & take trout.  There are some excellent fishing tips in the video, take a few minutes and watch it!

That reminded me a similar video from a few years back, and besides the spinners you can catch those trout on small crankbaits and spoons too!

If I am fishing one of our put & take trout fisheries, I often start by casting and retrieve an artificial lure.  I prefer small crankbaits like the Countdown Rapala, Husky Jerk or X-Rap, but a variety of spoons and spinners work too.  I like to start with that presentation because I can cover water and find fish.

Whenever I am fishing those artificial baits I am watching for fish as much as I am trying to catch them.  Often you will see trout flash at the baits, or see them follow the baits (always wear those polarized sunglasses!).  If I am not actually catching fish on those artificial baits, at least I am discovering where there are trout.  Then, if I need to, I can slow down with other presentations to get them to bite.  You cannot catch ’em where they ain’t, you gotta find fish first!


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