As if the fight against diseases like CWD wasn’t already hard enough, there’s now this.

State authorities have banned a former outfitter in Kansas from operating in the state after he violate the Lacey Act.

Robert “Bob” McConnell is the owner of Horseshoe Hill Outfitters. He recently plead guilty to four counts of illegally importing deer. Though his attorney claims the deer were of no risk to local herds, it hasn’t been verified. What we do know is that at least two of the cases involved undocumented deer, meaning a veterinarian didn’t inspect them before transportation.

In the remaining two cases, McConnell admitted to transporting domesticated deer.

It’s illegal to transport deer across state lines. This law is primarily in place to prevent the spread of diseases like chronic wasting disease.

The website for Horseshoe Hill Outfitters is no longer operational. The group has been banned from operating in Kansas and also faces steep fees. Kansas has fined McConnell $30,000 and also placed him on probation for five years.

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