We dug into the data to rank the top state bass records in the U.S. for largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass.

How does your state’s black-bass records compare to other states? It’s an intriguing question, so Game & Fish took to the Internet to find the answers.

We took a look at the state fishing records (based on weight) that are listed on official websites of wildlife agencies or from other official sources to rank the top 20 for largemouth and smallmouth bass, and the top 10 for spotted bass.

Note: This list was compiled by the most current data available. It you see a mistake or omission, let us know.

Fla. W-Record-LargemouthBass

Bill O’Berry’s Florida state record largemouth is No. 5 on the top 20 largemouth bass state records. (Photo courtesy Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission)

Top 20 Largemouth Bass State Records

(By weight)

22-4Georgia, George Perry, Montgomery Lake, 6/2/32*

21-12California, Michael Arujo, Castaic Lake, 3/5/91

18.18Texas, Barry St. Clair, Lake Fork, 1/24/92

18.15Mississippi, Anthony Denny, Natchez State Park Lake, 12/31/92

17.27Florida, Billy O’Berry, Polk County, 7/6/86 (20.13 bass caught in 1923 by Frederick Friebel is considered uncertified)

16-8Alabama: Thomas Burgin, Mt. View Lake, 11/3/87

16-7.68Arizona, Randall White, Canyon Lake, 4/22/97

16-4Arkansas, Aaron Mardis, Mallard Lake, 3/2/76

16-4Virginia, Richard Tate, Connor Lake 5/20/85

16-2South Carolina, P.H. Flanagan/Mason Cummings (tie), Lake Marion (1949)/Aiken Co. pond (1993)

15.97Louisiana, Greg Wiggins, Caney Lake, 2/94

15-14North Carolina, William Wofford, farm pond, 3/29/91

15-13New Mexico, Steve Estrada, Bill Evans Lake, 3/24/95

15-8Massachusetts, Walter Bolonis, Sampson Pond, 1975

15-3Tennessee, Gabe Keen, Chickamauga Reservoir, 2/13/15

14-13.7Oklahoma, Dale Miller, Cedar Lake, 3/13/13

14-12Indiana, Jennifer Schultz, Harrison County lake, 1991

13-14Missouri, Marvin Russell Bushong, Bull Shoals Lake, 4/21/61

13-10.4Kentucky, David Wilson, Wood Creek Lake, 4/14/84

13.13Ohio, Roy Landsberger, farm pond, 5/26/76

bass records

D.L. Hayes’ 11-15 smallmouth bass caught in 1955 is the state record to Tennessee and Kentucky. (Photo courtesy Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency)

Top 20 Smallmouth Bass State Records

(By weight)

11-15Kentucky, David Hayes, Dale Hollow Lake, 7/9/55*

11-15Tennessee, David Hayes, Dale Hollow Lake, 7/9/55*

Kentucky and Tennessee share the same state and world record

10-8Alabama: Owen Smith, Wheeler Dam tailwater, 10/8/50

10-2North Carolina, Archie Lampkin, Hiawassee Reservoir, 6/1/51

9.98Michigan, Robert Bruce Kraemer, Indian River, 2016

9-13California, Harold Hardin, Pardee Reservoir, 7/3/07

9.75West Virginia, David Lindsay, South Branch, 1971

9.72Idaho, Dan Steigers, Dworshak Reservoir, 10/28/06

9.5Ohio, Randy Van Dam, Lake Erie, 6/16/93

9-7South Carolina, Terry Dodson see story, Lake Jocassee, 2001

9-1Wisconsin, Leon Stefonek, Indian Lake, 6/21/50

8.75Washington, Bill Evans, Lake Bosworth, 8/8/16

8-8Pennsylvania, Robert Steelman, Scotts Run Lake, 1997

8-7Oklahoma, Ryan Wasser, Lake Lawtonka, 3/31/12

8-4Maryland, Gary Peters, Liberty Reservoir, 10/4/74

8-4New York, Andrew Kartesz/Patrick Hildenbrand (tie), Lake Erie (1995)/St. Lawrence River (2016)

8-2Massachusetts, Barbara Sasen, Wachucett Reservoir, 1991

8-1.76Oregon, Nick Rubeo, Henry Hagg Lake, 2005

8-1Virginia, Donald Eaton, New River, 3/12/03

8-0Maine, George Dyer, Thompson Lake, 1970

8-0Minnesota, West Battle Lake, 1948

bass records

Nick Dulleck’s 11-4 spotted bass caught in February 2017 is a world and California state record. (Photo courtesy Nick Dulleck)

Top 10 Spotted Bass State Records

(By weight)

11-4California, Nicolas Dulleck, New Bullards Bar Reservoir, 2/12/17*

8-15Alabama: Phillip Terry, Smith Lake, 3/18/78

8-5South Carolina, David Preston, Lake Jocassee, 2001

8-2Oklahoma, OJ Stone, Pittsburg Co. pond, 6/27/58

8-2Mississippi, S. Ross Gratham, farm pond, 9/2/75

8-2Georgia, Wayne Holland, Lake Burton, 2/23/05

7-15Arkansas, Mike Heilich, Bull Shoals Lake, 3/26/1983

7-10Kentucky, A.E. Sellers, Nelson County, 6/13/70

7-8Missouri, Gene Arnaud, Table Rock Lake, 4/6/66

7-3.12Illinois, Strip Mine, Fulton County, 3/26/85 

* — Recognized as world record by International Game Fish Association

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