I am not going to tell you when we are going to have safe ice.  I learned a long time ago that you cannot point to a day on the calendar and say that will be when you can start ice fishing.  You have to check it, make sure it is safe, every time (topic of a lot of past blog posts, and will be for future posts).

However, I do know this:  It is time to get ready, time to get psyched for the ice fishing season that lies just ahead of us!  I already mentioned it is time to start getting the gear ready (‘Tweener Time).  Now I am going to suggest some mental prep.  Maybe a good psych-up video?

Need more, something a little longer?

And of course, don’t forget the right music!

Hope that song gets stuck in your head.  This time of year, it plays in my head ALL THE TIME!  Greatest ice-fishing song of all time!

“I wanna ice fish, baby”!

Have a great weekend everyone, wait for it, safe ice is coming!


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