This point blank hog hunt turns intense quick when the wild pig decides he doesn’t want to get speared.

We’ve seen Tim Wells do some pretty crazy things. From wingshooting with archery tackle to almost killing himself with his own spear, but this point blank hog hunt ranks pretty high on the list of Wells’ craziest moments.

Watch the video to see if you would have had the nerve to hang in there and throw the spear when the hog you were after turned on you.

Oh well Tim. You win some and you lose some. It looks like this little porker scared you just enough to get a jump on that spear.

Using unconventional hunting weapons like the spear isn’t for everyone. Only those with the patience to watch animals go by that could easily have been harvested with modern weapons should attempt such difficult feats. However, if you do connect using one of these primitive weapons, success is a whole lot sweeter.

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