fighting with turkey

Well, you can’t get any closer than this!

It’s pretty incredible when you call to a turkey and it actually responds. It’s hard to put a wildlife encounter so intimate into words.

However, what typically starts as non-verbal conversation often ends with a gunshot. It occasionally ends with a sudden halt in back-and-forth sounds, and a mutual decision to part ways.

The following clip shows something much different. Here we have a guy who decides to push a gobbler as far as he possibly can, letting it attack the decoy in his hands!

Watch the video below:

Man fights turkey! Kyle Blackledge literally got in a fight with this gobbler, thats as close as you can get!!! Southwest Iowa Outfitters

Posted by RAISED HUNTING on Thursday, May 23, 2019

It’s hard to believe this guy wasn’t discovered. What’s even more impressive is that he didn’t hesitate even for a second when this bird was aggressively attacking a decoy he was holding with his bare hands.

Truth be told, I think I’d probably get a little freaked out if an irritated gobbler was relentlessly attacking me, but this guy had ice in his veins!

Watching this makes you wonder how well this would work in the field, as it would probably open the door for stunning short-range shots if you had the guts to stay strong. The key is just making sure the bird can’t actually see you.

This guy also had some pretty impressive calling skills, which likely made a pretty significant difference in how this bird responded.

The stalking-behind-a-fan approach has gained a tremendous amount of popularity in recent seasons, as hunters have realized they can go to the birds instead of hoping the birds come to them.

By the looks of it, hunters could start taking that approach to a whole new level.



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