Celebrate the season with a surefire way to improve your adventures: a SPOT Gen3 at half off.

There’s good news on the backcountry adventure front: The SPOT Gen3 GPS Messenger is on sale for 50% off through the end of the year. That makes right now the perfect time to get an exceptional gift for an outdoor lover, or treat yourself to the safety and security all adventurers deserve.

Regularly $149.99, the SPOT Gen3 can be scooped up for only $75 until December 31, 2018. It’s known for its long battery life and adjustable tracking intervals, meaning you can customize its duties depending on how long and how actively you’ll use it.

With a SPOT Gen3 you can quickly reach emergency responders, but also Check In with family or friends with pre-set messages and share GPS coordinates. It’s become a top choice for outdoorsmen (particularly hunters) no matter how far into the wilderness their adventures take them.

As all good satellite communication devices should, SPOT has an S.O.S. that allows you to reach local response teams in the case of an emergency. That’s the most important function of such devices, and SPOT does it exceptionally well. There’s also a really neat feature that uses motion sensitive tracking to record updates when you are moving, but then stops when you stop. It’s a smart, power-saving way to make sure you’re headed the right way or covering the right ground.

You can also execute “Check Ins” that allow you to send a pre-programmed text message out to your contacts, and also set up custom messages before you leave send once your adventure gets going.

There’s even a “Save Our Vehicle” feature that requests help from personal contacts in a non life-threatening situation. That’s a big bonus in our eyes, because we’ve always wondered about those lesser emergencies that still require quick help but shouldn’t involve emergency responders (and the bills, etc. that come with them). It’s nice to know you can do that sort of thing with a SPOT Gen3. In case of an emergency that does involve professional responders, SPOT will cover up to $100,000 in emergency Search And Rescue (SAR) funding for $17.95 per year.

This peace of mind is extremely valuable for avid outdoorsmen and their families.

Roll all those features together, and then check the Holiday Savings event for a reminder of the money you could currently save. A price tag of $75 is pretty inexpensive when you balance it against the cost of your life and well-being.


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