The "LINK" Topwater BaitThe Link is a great topwater lure for locating active fish and generating explosive strikes. The Link features a hinged two bait approach with a reinforced internal stringer. The result is an easy to use bait that floats high, has an extremely real action in the water, and withstands the punishment of fish, after fish.

Use a straight cast and retrieve, stop-and-go retrieve, or walk the dog retrieve to drive fish crazy. You do not have to be a pro to fish the Link. If you are an experienced angler and do not have this tool in your arsenal you are missing out on some hot topwater action!

The Link comes in two styles. One mimics fleeing baitfish, or baitfish chasing each other on the surface, and the other pattern looks like a snake slithering along the surface. You will have a hard time telling the difference between these lures and the real thing and so will the fish!The "LINK" Topwater Bait

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