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The Leveraxe is a new, more efficient way to chop wood. See how it works.

The Leveraxe is a new, more efficient way to chop wood. It hooks into the log and then uses leverage to split it, rather than the old way of cleaving.

The inventor is from Finland and came up with the unique design when he needed to clear his land but, due to unstable ground, couldn’t get heavy machinery in. He had to chop a lot of wood and wanted a more efficient way to split logs, or one that was at least better than a regular axe. The Leveraxe was born.

Watch the video below, grab a piece of wood, and kiss your traditional axe goodbye:

Does the Leveraxe really work?

With the Leveraxe you can position a log upright and chop with a rotating action from the outside, which is less time-consuming than setting up a log and repositioning it every time you chop. Now that you can split wood with enough speed, you should have an easier time and maybe even avoid some back pain.

Could the original Leveraxe really be the best axe there is? It’s one of history’s oldest tools, was there really this much room for improvement? An Amazon review reads:

This axe is the safest, most efficient, most effective splitting tool I’ve used in 35 years of processing wood. It took a bit to figure out the technique, but once I sorted that out the wood was just exploding on impact. Thankfully I also adopted the tire surround approach shown in the youtube videos so I didn’t have to chase the pieces all over the place.

The composite handle doesn’t erode, and fresh logs stand no chance to the axe head’s unique design. It’s a classic mix of technology at work: an axe’s chopping ability and a crowbar’s prying power. That’s a combination of beautiful design and functionality we can get behind.

Word on the street there’s even a new Leveraxe, with an updated design and a few new features.

Put a tire around the log you’re chopping to catch the pieces as you’re wood splitting. You’ll be chopping cords the Finnish way in minutes.



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