LEE Filters has introduced its new LEE100 Filter System, an update to its LEE 100mm System that incorporates multiple ease-of-use improvements while retaining compatibility with all current LEE 100mm filters, as well as its polarizer filters via an optional adapter.

The design allows you to slide in up to three LEE 100mm filters, and features a new locking dial with three settings allowing full movement, a half-locked position which allows rotation but keeps the filter holders in place, and a fully-locked position which also prevents rotation. Modular filter-guide blocks which snap onto the holder are available in one, two and three-slot configurations.

LEE100 filter holder

In addition to slide-in filters, the LEE100 Polarizer can be added to any filter configuration, snapping on to the front of the filter-guide block. Previous LEE 100mm polarizers can be adapted to the system with an optional ring screw-mount ring that is compatible with the snap-in feature.

The core of the system, the LEE100 filter holder, is available for $96. The new LEE100 Polarizer is $267, and the adapter ring for earlier 100mm polarizers is $48. There are also kits available that bundle the LEE100 filter holder and filters:

Landscape Kit—$192

  • LEE100 filter holder
  • LEE 0.6 ND medium grad

Long Exposure Kit—$409

  • LEE100 filter holder
  • Big Stopper
  • Little Stopper
  • LEE 0.6 ND hard grad

Deluxe Kit—$739

  • LEE100 filter holder
  • LEE100 Polarizer
  • Big Stopper
  • LEE 0.6 ND medium grad
  • LEE 0.9 ND hard grad
  • LEE 1.2 ND medium grad
  • 50ml ClearLEE filter wash
  • ClearLEE filter cloth

Contact: LEE Filters, www.LEE100holder.com.

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