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When your favorite little person expresses an interest in hunting, getting some kids hunting toys in their hands will help fuel that fire until they are old enough for the real thing. Hunting toys make sense for many reasons. They can help familiarize young children with proper weapon safety before ever touching the real thing. They can help deepen an understanding of nature and the critters that live there. They can help kiddos to perfect their aim without wasting expensive arrows or ammunition. And of course they help the littles mimic the hunting heroes in their lives and lay a foundation for themselves when they grow up.

1. The Perfect First Bow and Arrow Set

Super Archery Bow and Arrow Set for Kids – Amazon, $22.99

The Super Archery Bow and Arrow Set for Kids includes six suction cup arrows, a target, and a quiver. This set is intended for kids from ages three up to 12 and comes in three fun color options – blue, green, or pink. At around $20, this set is a steal, and is even safe enough to use indoors.

2. For Your Miniature Explorer

Kids Xplorer Outdoor Explorer Set – Amazon, $23.97 

The Kidz Xplore Outdoor Explorer Set is a 20-piece kit designed to keep a child occupied in nature for hours. It includes a real-working compass, binoculars, a clipboard, a guide book, magnifying glass, backpack, a butterfly net, transfer capsule, tweezers, bug container, and more. Let their imagination run free and show them how to understand direction with this sturdy, well-made explorer set. The Kidz Xplore Outdoor Explorer set retails for $35.

3. A Set of Walkie Talkies for Kids

Aikmi Walkie Talkie for Kids – Amazon, $37.98

The Aikmi Walkie Talkie for Kids set gives kids a great excuse to get outside and play with a friend. The Walkie Talkie set includes two Kids Walkie Talkies, two paracord bracelets, two straps, and a user manual. Kids can rediscover the fun of exploring nature and communicating via the devices. This set is easy to use and built to be small enough to comfortably fit in a child’s hand.

4. For the Young Buck Hunter

Inflatable Toy 3D Deer Target – Cabela’s, $34.99

Cabela’s Inflatable Toy 3D Deer Target is a fun first target for kids to practice on. The hook-and-loop target circle will work in conjunction with most hook-and-loop projectiles, such as children’s Velcro darts. The 16-point buck stands 58″ tall and has the lifelike markings of a whitetail deer. This inflatable buck will provide hours of safe target practice and shooting. It is designed for ages five and up with adult supervision.

5. For Those Who Need a Kiddie Hideout

Kids Camo Toy Pop Up Hunting Blind/Tent – Amazon, $48.95

The Kids Camo Toy Pop Up Hunting Blind/Tent from Kidz Toyz Mossy Oak will have your little person set right up for their own big hunting adventure, right from the living room or backyard. Small and compact, it weighs in at only 1.3 pounds, so it is easy to transport and store when not in use. The pop up blind retails for a mere $24.

6. For the Little Adventurer

Float Plane Hunting Adventure Playset – Cabela’s, $39.99

Cabela’s Float Plane Hunting Adventure Playset features a float plane with two fully opening doors, a fully-jointed action figure, an ATV with a working tow winch, a jon boat with opening compartments, a cot, a cooler, a fire pit, a black bear, a moose, a rifle, a gas tank, an ammo box, a boat engine, and binoculars. Bonus: this playset is compatible with all Cabela’s Adventure playsets. The Float Plane Hunting Adventure Playset retails for $40.

7. For the Future Trophy Hunter

Adore 13″ Boone The Whitetail Deer Plush Stuffed Animal Wall Mount – Amazon, $24.99

The Adore 13″ Boone The Whitetail Deer Plush Stuffed Animal Wall Mount is a super fluffy (and super cute!) plush version of the deer heads that grown up hunters have displayed in their trophy rooms. Now kids can be just like mommy and display their own! The mount retails for $25.

8. For the Mini Happy Camper

20-Piece Camping Toy Set for Kids – Bass Pro Shops, $29.99

The Bass Pro Shops 20-Piece Camping Toy Set for Kids is a complete set for all kinds of camping play. The little campers can set up camp anywhere and pretend to cook just like the grownups do. The kit includes a stove, pot, lantern, five utensils, seven toy food pieces, skillet, ketchup, mustard, and salt and pepper shakers. The light-up stove makes fun cooking sounds and is powered by three 1.5-volt LR44 batteries, which are included. The lantern even illuminates! The camping kit retails for $30.

9. For The Kid Who Wants To Master Their Duck Calls


Toysmith Outdoor Discovery, Hoot-N-Hollar Animal Caller – Amazon, $20.79

This fun toy has nine animal calls for your kids to play with and learn about — including duck, elk, deer, turkey, and bobcat. Best of all, the batteries are included in this one, and it’s great for kids of all ages.

10. For The Bird Watcher


High Resolution Binoculars for Kids – Amazon, $24.99 

These binos are actually pretty high quality, and will be perfect for any kid wanting to check out the wildlife in their backyard. Its lightweight and comes in a number of colors, too.

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