I have long been a proponent of fishing for a variety of fish species.  By targeting different species of fish, you can stay on top of a variety of “hot bites” for the maximum length of time.  If the walleyes do not want to bite, but the crappies are jumping in the boat, well, why wouldn’t you fish for crappies?????  By fishing for a variety of species, the learning and the excitement, never ceases.

But, there is something else I have learned in the process.  By fishing for a variety of species, you will become a better angler, for all of them.  Here are some ideas on how to get there:

Learning a New Species

Sure, it is natural for each of us to have our favorites.  If you are serious about your fishing, I would expect that you will specialize in certain species, certain techniques.  But, one key to success is to be versatile, and that comes from trying new and different things.

The hard part is being honest about where you are, asking how you can improve, and applying it.  On the other hand, it is a lot of fun, and more time on the water, trying!

And you never know what you might catch in the process!


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