I have been sitting on a schedule of spring trout stockings for at least a couple of weeks now.

Gonna keep sitting on it.

Obviously, with winter holding on stronger than ever right now, we will be waiting for warmer weather and some open water before those stockings will happen on parks and urban waters around the state.  I am not going to mention a schedule, because right now there ain’t one.

That includes the spring opener for the Trout Lake at Two Rivers State Recreation Area.  We were planning on an opener this coming Saturday, March 9, but again. . . postponed until further notice.

I have a saying, and if you have fished for very long you certainly know this is true, “Weather Trumps Everything”.  When we get some warmer weather and open water, the spring stockings of put & take trout will be “on”.  When that time comes, we will let folks know about it, you will see it here and other places.  Until then, you might want to check out one of our cold-water streams that support trout year-around, early spring is a great time to fish those waters and you will find some open water on them now.

Or keep ice-fishing!  When life gives you ice, you might as well keep ice-fishing!


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