I usually have a blog post about every year at this time warning that my blogging may become a little more infrequent for a few weeks.  Consider this your notice.

You see, spring is in full swing and that means I have fish to catch, turkeys to call, and mushrooms to pick.  Ain’t got time to be sitting at a keyboard writing about it all–gotta do it first!

And, one of my kids has a head start on me!


Some of you will want details:  Daniel called in a couple of Toms, mid-morning, got ’em to 12 yards before he put down the biggest one.  At least I assume it was the biggest; 22 pounds, 9 3/4 inch beard, 1-inch, sharp spurs.  Absolutely love those white-tips and the Ponderosa pines!  My first turkeys in Nebraska were those birds along those pine-studded ridges, and I still think that is the quintessential spring turkey hunt in Nebraska.  Well Done, Daniel!

Have a great Easter weekend everyone!

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