There’s only one place to go when the Rut Phase starts: The Whitetail Universe. brings us the best gear for each phase of the season. The season opened with the Plan & Prep Phase, then moved into the Archery Phase. Now, here we are at the peak of the season—the Rut Phase.

With the whitetail activity picking up, hunters have to pick it up too. Sportsman’s Guide has already has you covered.

You won’t forget any of the necessities with the Whitetail Universe phases, which seems to happen to each of us every year. They’ve already helped point you in the right direction.

Are you blinds ready to go? Do you have ammo for gun season? Are you ready for the colder weather that rolls in with the rut? Have you sighted in your scopes?

The Whitetail Universe is the only place to go to prepare yourself for the best part of the year.


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