Today, I am going to return to a familiar topic–catch and release or more specifically selective harvest.  Some of you will ignore me, I know you will.  That’s fine, just know there is science behind it!


Do not take my word for it.  Instead, this time, take the word of retired Canadian fisheries biologist, Gord Pyzer.  He knows his stuff!

This science proves that keeping small fish, while releasing the big ones improves the fishery

I hear complaints all the time about certain anglers “keeping fish that are too small”.  You know what?  That does not bother me, as long as they are within regulations, keep the small ones!  I am much more concerned about “that one is big enough to keep”, and onto the stringer it goes.

Think just the opposite of what you have been.

So, what about regulations?  If we should be harvesting the small fish, why are they protected with minimum length limits?

Well, different regulations are appropriate for different species in different waters and for different management objectives.  In some cases, minimum length limits are very appropriate.  However, let me also say this:  Regulations are a reflection of angler attitudes.

And that is why I will keep blogging about this topic.


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