Seeing Is Believing With SwaggerThe Swagger All-Terrain Bipod is one accessory that can immediately increase hunting success and extend effective range by providing a steady shot, even in the most unpredictable hunting situations. With its unique Crazy Legs Technology, the Swagger All-Terrain Bipod flexes and moves as a hunter adjusts to stay on target, making it the only bipod suitable for treestands, ground blinds or stalking.

This bipod is a true game-changer, and Swagger Bipods wants everyone to see it in action, so they’ve created several video platforms that show the All-Terrain Bipod being used in both target scenarios and during real, free-range, heart-pounding hunts!
To see this incredible bipod in action, visit, or check out Swagger Bipods’ official channels “Shoot with Confidence TV” on YouTube and Roku. While you’re there, don’t miss the thrilling whitetail hunt featuring the quest for Whitey Bob, a buck that eluded all comers – until he met one with a Swagger All-Terrain Bipod.
The All-Terrain Bipod is the first and only bipod made for hunters, by hunters. Traditional, rigid bipods are great for shooting stationary targets from fixed positions, but wild game animals generally don’t hold still for long, and they rarely show up where we expect them to. That’s why the legs on the All-Terrain Bipod are equipped with a flexible joint that allows them to shift and adjust as the hunter keeps the crosshairs on a moving animal.
A bipod or a set of shooting sticks is only effective if it is carried and used, so Swagger All-Terrain Bipods are designed to attach solidly to guns or crossbows and remain out of the way until they’re needed. When a shot opportunity occurs, the legs can be deployed and extended to adapt to any shooting height or position, including prone, kneeling, sitting or standing.

Today’s hunters work too hard and spent too much time scouting and preparing for that one opportunity at a buck. Make sure you’re ready when that opportunity finally happens by equipping your gun or crossbow with a Swagger All-Terrain Bipod.

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