Rossi has redesigned its popular Matched Pair rimfire rifle/shotgun system to satisfy the needs of the modern shooter. Originally developed as a multi-function platform for youth shooters, the Matched Pair concept has also proven popular for folks looking for a fun, diverse rimfire/shotgun combo for plinking and general use around the home and farm.

The Matched Pair is based on a single-shot, break-open action and comes with two barrels—one chambered for .22 LR or .22 Magnum and the other for 3-inch .410 or 20-gauge. The tool-free design makes changing barrels quick and easy. The shotgun barrel comes with a standard bead front sight while the rifle barrel includes high-visibility fiber-optic front and rear sights. The rear sight is fully adjustable for precise zeroing.

New for the Matched Pair combos is a redesigned forend and buttstock. A more aggressive texturing along the polymer forend and pistol grip provides no-slip purchase for optimal muzzle control. The conventional design has been replaced with a “skeletonized” buttstock and pistol grip profile, offering reduced weight and improved shooter ergonomics. For convenient access to ammunition, a recess in the buttstock makes room for an integrated four-shell carrier. Finally, a thicker rubber buttpad was added to help minimize felt recoil.

Another upgrade to the Matched Pair combo is a broader choice of colors for the .22LR/.410 and .22LR/20-gauge combos. In addition to the standard black polymer stock set, the forend and buttstocks are also available in Tan, OD Green, and Gray. The .22 Magnum/./410 will only be available in black.

The new Rossi Matched Pair combos in are currently available and shipping to dealers nation-wide. For more details on these or other quality and innovative long guns from Rossi, visit

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