red stag

A magnificent red stag stares into the eyes of a hunter for what seems like an eternity. Then, when the bullet strikes and the stag falls, the hunter experiences a mixed bag of emotions.

Some videos just get to the very heart of hunting, and this is one of them. It’s a short film with tons of drama and suspense, courtesy of a magnificent red stag.

There’s also a memorable expression of the mixed feelings a good hunter often has at the end of the hunt. Tim Pilbeam, who is hunting this red stag outside of Paris, France, shares his experience with us.

Pilbeam is nearly overwhelmed with emotion as he talks about the stalk and ultimately bringing the stag down. He feels what many hunters feel when they confront a glorious animal and ultimately kill it: sadness, elation, joy, gratitude and admiration.

It’s a powerful moment, made all the more compelling by the visual connection the animal appeared to make with the hunter. Pilbeam says that the two locked eyes for 30 seconds. Actually, it was closer to a minute (though it felt even longer), as the red stag simply stared at Pilbeam and seemingly into the camera.

That minute—that stare—was one of the more powerful moments I’ve witnessed on film. And, black and white video and subtle background music made it even more dramatic.

This is simply a beautiful production that says a lot in only five minutes.

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