Rattlesnake Dove Hunting

Many hunters really look forward to dove season, one of the first signs of fall and many hunting adventures to come. However, it’s also a good time to remind everyone to watch carefully where they are walking and stepping as they head into the field after these tasty little birds. Snakes are still out and about in force, as one Georgia dove hunter found out firsthand. In a clip posted to Facebook by Kalem Lloyd, the videographer urges caution to other hunters out chasing doves when he posted a short clip from one of his hunting buddies. The short video shows a rattlesnake that’s in the process of swallowing a dove the hunter had downed only a few minutes earlier.

The bird must have landed close to the snake and flopped around a bit for the reptile to have found it that fast. In fact, it already has the head mostly swallowed by the time the hunter comes across the scene. He can do nothing but comment in disbelief at how quickly this snake has stolen a meal from him.

That’s certainly not something you see every day! This is a good reminder to be extremely cautious when picking up a downed bird. That snake’s natural coloration helps it blend in with the surrounding grass and leaves almost perfectly. If a hunter (or dog) isn’t paying attention, they can get bitten and severely injured. This is one of the hazards of hunting in a warmer climate. We know some people will want to kill the snake, and if it’s legal we’d say have at it, but there’s a case to be made to leave all wildlife, including snakes, alone. One thing’s for sure, we wouldn’t eat that dove in case it received a dose of venom. There’s no use trying to get your trophy back after a scene like this.

Our editor Eric Pickhartz also had a recent run-in with a rattlesnake while hunting teal. That encounter and this video are a good reminder that you should always wear a good pair of snake boots and gaiters while hunting in snake country. These types of things happen when we least expect them, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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