Venatic Saddle Kit

The Venatic Saddle and Onyx Platform aren’t the first of their kind to be offered to the deer hunting community, but they are both stylized and on the cutting edge of what has become available to us. Between their approach and their engineering, these two products are on the cusp of changing what we think about when we think about saddle hunting.

Add to that their well-received Palisade Pack, and you’ve got the makings of a complete package.

Reuse, recycle, and repurpose may be words to live by when it comes to being environmentally conscious, but reengineered, reimagined, and rebuilt are the keywords when describing the new Venatic Saddle system. The minds behind this new tree-hunting apparatus are not only deer hunting enthusiasts like us, but they have the background to understand what it takes to be both comfortable and safe in the treestand.

Let’s take a closer look at this new setup and what sets it apart from the others, while keeping in mind that veteran hunters like you and I have the knowledge and experience to separate the wannabes from the real thing.

The Venatic Saddle Kit

As many who have already used the saddle hunting system will tell you, it is safe, extremely mobile, and an entirely comfortable way to hunt deer. The Venatic Saddle is built not only to last, but be one of the most lightweight and comfortable saddles ever made with its ultralight ripstop fabric and rubberized waistband.

The durable fold-back lineman loops and adjustable waist buckle, (including the band position) give each individual hunter their own setting to relax in the tree while the wait is on. This system also comes complete with two, 8mm TechCore ropes and two Black Diamond carabiners included in the kit.

The Venatic Saddle Kit also comes with the Venatic Pouch which attaches to your saddle easily, while keeping it secure throughout the hunt. The included cinch strap closure allows access to your gear quickly and quietly while keeping your gear safe and easy to get to.

The entire kit includes a saddle, ropes, and pouch weigh less than three pounds, but holds up to 300 pounds.

The Onyx Platform

Said to be “the end of the platform debate,” the Onyx Platform has fundamentally changed the way that our footrest is defined. This platform has an angled perimeter which gives the user’s feet a better and more comfortable way to contact the stand while in the saddle, leaving your feet on top of non-slip, single cast aluminum which is as strong as it is lightweight.

One great thing about the Onyx Platform is the claw design which gives it its immense grip on the tree giving the hunter a superior comfort when leaning, rolling to stand, or turning to shoot your weak side. It is really put together, including the fact that the platform leveling system below the foot rest has been made smaller to better accommodate carrying it into and out of the woods.

The platform weighs only four and a half pounds, holds up to 300 pounds, and meets or exceeds all load capacity testing.

The Palisade EVA Pack

The Palisade EVA Pack is a great addition to the Venatic Saddle Kit in that this pack has a ton of room for everything that needs to be carried in to get set up, and yet it is not so large as to make it awkward to carry. This pack has 1,600 cubic inches of storage and is equally easy to open from the top, while having a large opening in the front with an included platform, along with its organizational pockets.

It is also made to carry any of their platforms, camera equipment, or a water bottle just to name a few. It has an adjustable fold out scabbard at the bottom which will alternately hold the stock of your rifle or shotgun, or the cam of your bow. This includes an adjustable strap at the top to firmly but safely hold your firearm or the riser on your bow.

It has such a wide array of pockets that you will take a while to find a use for them all, but if you’re like us, that won’t take too long. It weighs under four pounds and has some 16 pockets along with an EVA molded body, included in the pockets for protecting your hard-earned gear.

The pack itself comes in the traditional Mossy Oak Bottomland camo pattern.

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