For the best fall color images, you want to arrive on location just in time for “peak” color. Doing your homework and planning your trip accordingly greatly improves your chances of witnessing and capturing the full display of autumn hues.

fall color map
The interactive Fall Foliage Prediction Map at provides a nationwide forecast with a slider control to check specific dates.

At, you’ll find the incredibly helpful Fall Colors Prediction Map. This interactive map lets you preview where fall colors will be peaking nationwide throughout the season with a simple slider tool. As you move the slider you’ll see overlay colors change on the map, indicating a range of conditions from “No Change” (green) through various stages of peaking to “Past Peak” (brown).

No predictor can be 100-percent accurate, so it’s wise to contact local hotels and tourism boards near your destination to get on-the-ground updates if your schedule is flexible, but this map is a great resource for planning your timing generally.

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