I know some of you are thinking about it already!  I am!  Yep, cannot wait for ice!

I am old enough to have ice-fished in a time when there was not a plethora of ice fishing products on the market.  Believe it or not, there was a time when if you wanted an ice-fishing shack, you made your own.  There were some ingenious designs and creativity.  Everyone tried to make shacks that could haul as much as possible and yet be light enough to pull onto the ice.  Many of them were nothing more than boxes with a little bit of a windbreak, but some of them were much more than that.

Now, you can choose between several commercially-available ice shacks in a variety of sizes and styles.  There is something out there for pretty much every ice angler.  However, remaining loyal to their “roots”, ice anglers love to modify the ice shacks they bought too.  Take a gander at some of these designs, bet you get some good ideas!

Now, come on ice!


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