.22 Silencer KitThe .22 rimfire is just plain fun. Whether you are learning to shoot, plinking, playing, hunting gophers and small game or simply keeping a small caliber firearm handy for self defense, it’s an excellent and very common caliber. The .22 is also flat out economical for shooters.
With the .22 Silencer Kit (SL-RF), you can shoot all day without making a bang or drawing attention to your location. Maybe you have a gopher problem in your field but don’t want to bother the neighbors or you simply want to go shooting in the hills on the edge of town. The Silent Legion 22 silencer delivers a 40dB sound reduction and is compatible with both rifles and pistols.
Like the ammo for your .22, the durable silencer is affordable at $315 dollars. It opens up more ground to shoot and hunt quietly without affecting your accuracy or shooting performance. At only 2.7 ounces, you will barely notice the weight difference. The durable aluminum build has a hardcoat finish that protects the piece against the elements and heavy use. It threads directly to your firearm in an easy and quick fashion. The direct thread is extremely stable and will hold snug throughout the entire day of shooting.
Maintenance is also easy with a removable front cap. Pop it off to clean the silencer at the same time you are cleaning your firearm. The kit also comes with a complete disassembly tool for full cleaning and maintenance needs.
Key Product Specs:
  • 40 dB Sound Reduction
  • Length – 5″
  • Diameter – 1.00″
  • Weight – 2.7 ounces
  • Construction – Aluminum
  • Hardcoat Finish
  • ½” 28 – 2B Thread
  • Removable front cap for easy maintenance
  • Disassembly tool

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