Kovert Lite series from Denali RodsWhen you’re on the water, you don’t quit once you put the first fish in the boat. No, you learn from that fish catch, develop your pattern and apply it to your day.  At Denali rods, we have that same attitude when it comes to innovation. Instead of resting on our laurels or what we caught yesterday, we’re hard at work, honing our designs to bring you more innovation and better rods.  Denali is super excited to announce the all new Kovert Lite rods as a prime example of that dedication to improving.  We took one of the lightest, most sensitive and feature-rich rods on the market, and simply made it better.

The Kovert Lite series features the same actions, styling, and function that made the originals so successful, with up to 25% less weight per model. Less weight means more casts in a day, less fatigue, and more fish in the boat, plain and simple. 

By integrating our proprietary Interloc Blank Technology, we’ve been able to shave precious ounces off each model while offering the same performance and unbelievable sensitivity and uncompromised strength.  The Kovert Lite rods are still the industry leaders in performance, but now in a lighter package at the same great value of $149.  For more information on the Kovert Lites or any of the other Denali products, please visit www.Denalirods.com

 Kovert Lite series from Denali Rods


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