From bass anglers looking for a better ‘trap’ to fish on world-renowned waters El Salto and Lake Fork, to walleye anglers jigging trophies through the ice on Lake Winnipeg and Erie—and for just about every species on every water in between—the LIVETARGET Golden Shiner Rattlebait quickly became a classic.

Well, Golden Shiner Rattlebait fans take heed! LIVETARGET is back with another rattlebait design sure to quickly climb the ranks. Welcome the Yellow Perch Rattlebait, soon available in three sizes and four predator mashing colors.

The LIVETARGET Yellow Perch Rattlebait combines a biologically precise profile and color patterns with many of the same design characteristics that made the Golden Shiner Rattlebait an MVP the world over. On waters where Yellow Perch or European Perch are a forage base, the new LIVETARGET Yellow Perch Rattlebait is sure to shine. 

Accommodating differences in forage and quarry size, the LIVETARGET Yellow Perch Rattlebait is offered in three sizes: the (2”) and 1/4 oz. YPR50; (2 3/8”) and 3/8 oz. YPR60; and (2 7/8”) and 5/8 oz. YPR70. Each features a perfectly-balanced internal composition for laser-precise fan casts, Hail Mary distance casts, or vertical yo-yo style retrieves. With regards to vertical “video game” style fishing, expect the LIVETARGET Yellow Perch Rattlebait to earn its place in your tackle box, whether presented directly over the side of the boat or through an eight-inch hole in the ice.

In addition to the lure’s tight, electrifying action on the retrieve, you’ll appreciate its castability. The Yellow Perch Rattlebait sails with superb aerodynamics, travelling farther than competing baits of the same weight. Moreover, its streamlined flight path keeps the hooks from tangling in the air, minimizing wasted casts.

All three sizes of the LIVETARGET Yellow Perch Rattlebait are available in four ultra-realistic color schemes to replicate the common varieties of perch encountered in European and American waters: Natural/Matte pattern (100); Metallic/Gloss pattern (102); Fluorescent/UV pattern (221); as well as a vibrant, long-lasting Glow/UV pattern (222). In addition, each bait features a loud harmonic rattle that can be heard chiming from well below the water’s surface.

All four LIVETARGET Yellow Perch Rattlebaits will be available to retailers in late fall 2018.

Visit LIVETARGET in booth H33 at EFTTEX 2018 for your first look at an exciting new lure for global waters and myriad gamefish: the LIVETARGET Yellow Perch Rattlebait.


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