A world-class buck was taken by Josh Bowmar in Ohio after a struggle to get the right time and location for the hunt.

We’ve known the name Josh Bowmar for a couple years now as he and his wife, Sarah, have burst onto the outdoor scene. Their way of hunting, sharing their videos, and motivating with fitness has made them quite unique.

We thought last year represented their best, most successful season as some of the strangest things had happened to throughout the course of the year. They also bounced back from negative press on a completely legal and successful bear hunt in Canada. With that all behind them, Josh set out for his second year after a buck he nicknamed Wires.

The hunt doesn’t come easy, and it begins to look bleak at times. The two-year hunt paid off in late November, as Josh finally got his opportunity. Thanks to his cellular trail camera providing him with last-minute daylight pictures, he was able to make it happen.

Check out the video of this world-class, giant whitetail buck.

If that hunt doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will. The be able to harvest a beautiful buck like this is incredible. To do it on a small plot of your own private land, surrounded by others wanting their shot, is even more so. He stayed true to the bowhunting tradition, and even though it was rifle season in Ohio, he managed to arrow this buck.

Congratulations on a beautiful buck, Josh! I’m not sure where to go from here, but over 215″ may be near impossible. All the same, it wouldn’t surprise us if you managed to pull it off.

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