The Bullet 21XRS has been the weapon of choice for professional anglers, like 3-time angler of the year Andy Morgan and elite series champion Buddy Gross, for many years. With an overall length of 21’10” and a 91” beam the 100% hand laid 21XRS provides you with plenty of deck space and storage, while keeping true to the performance aspect that Bullet is known for. Despite their larger size, a tournament loaded Bullet 21XRS is still capable speeds in the 80’s with a Mercury 250 Pro XS, and is considered one of the most fuel efficient hulls on the market today, along with a smooth and dry ride.

Introduced to meet the needs and wants of our customers, the Bullet 21SDC was spawned to provide all the amenities of our ever-popular 21XRS while giving the symmetry and protection of a dual console bass boat. One look at the perfectly sleek lines of the 21SDC lets you know why Bullet could never fall victim to the “removable console” game. This boat spans a generous 21’10” in length with a beam of 91”, when coupled with a Mercury 250 Pro XS it regularly produces speeds in the low 80’s while maintaining a smooth and dry ride even in unpredictable conditions.

Bullet’s newest design, the 21SST screams performance at every level. Imagine blending the ride of a Cadillac with the power of a Corvette and make it into a bass boat, that’s the 21SST. Though it is only 10” shorter than the flagship 21XRS, a different pad geometry gives this boat a boost into the “fastest” category! As Mercury quickly found out during a recent motor testing at their famous Lake X facility. The Bullet 21SST paired with a Mercury 300R engine boasted this boat into the triple digits. If you find yourself always trying to lead the pack on tournament day, the 21SST is the boat for you! Learn more about Bullet Boats –


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