I could do this blog post with no words, just a couple of pictures:



I usually try to keep it light on Fridays, but man I get tired of all the trash that is left on our public hunting, fishing and parks areas!  In my opinion, the folks who do that, and from what I have seen, there must be a bunch of them, should forfeit ALL their opportunities to EVER enjoy any of our natural resources.

It really disappoints me that so-called anglers are just as guilty.  I see bait containers and rubber gloves littering the shorelines of every popular fishing spot.  It baffles me how there can be so much fishing line left not just on the shoreline in “rats nests” but strung out in the water.  I do not know how anyone ever leaves that much line?????  Every snag I have ever had to break off broke at the knot!

And cigarette butts?  Don’t get me started.

Supposedly, we live in a world of heightened concern about our environment.


Have a great weekend everyone.  The only encouraging thing I can tell you is to lead by example–pick up your trash!


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