Hunting Camp

These are the things you are going to need for hunting camp anyway, so you might as well get them now.

It’s that season once again, when deer hunters across the nation load up for the trip to hunting camp.

Whether it’s a nice, cozy cabin with running water and a wood stove, or a true backcountry camp, deer hunting camp is a sacred place. We love going, and there are few places we’d rather be when the bucks are active.

But inevitably, you’re going to encounter times when you wish you’d have thought of grabbing something on the way. Good camps are usually going to be far away from any Cabela’s or Walmart stores, but sometimes your hunt can be made a lot better with little things.

Because of that, we took it upon ourselves to include some often-forgotten items that make camp an even better place. Trust us, it’s possible.

1. Tent Stakes

Someone’s got a new ground blind, but they forgot to get stakes? Get a set and you’ll help keep things sturdy. If you need them for your tent, having extras are never going to be a bad idea.

2. Sleeping Bag

Again, whether you’re indoors or staying in a backcountry hunting camp, something like this Teton Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag is going to be an asset. Even if you’re inside with heating, you never know when those sheets were last washed. Sleep on your own bag and bypass the grossness that has been known to accumulate on a hunting camp mattress.

3. Trail Cam Photo Viewer

Wouldn’t it suck to get to camp and have no way of checking the trail cam photos from the last few weeks? A viewer like this one, that allows you to see them on your phone, is a good idea. That way, if no one brings a computer (or a charger, or the right adapters, etc, etc), you can still check up on the local herd.

4. Camp Chair

Be the envy of your hunting buddies with this attractive camp chair from Browning. Would you rather sit around the fire in one of these, or forget it and sit on a stump?

5. Campfire Cooking Tripod

Speaking of the campfire, wouldn’t it be cool to cook some of the season’s venison harvest directly over the campfire? This Coleman Tripod Grill and Lantern Hanger serves double duty, helping you cook meals and keep things lit up at night afterwards.

6. Camp Mess Kit

You know how everyone seems to remember food, but no one brings cookware or eating tools to hunting camp? You should put this matter to bed, once and for all, with a mess kit. Dedicate it to deer camp, and you’ll always have something to cook on and eat out of.

7. Butt Out Tool

Face it, no one actually likes the gutting process, but it can at least be made a little easier with one of these bad boys. A Butt Out Tool is cheap, it’ll last forever, and you could probably get away with buying two and leaving one at deer camp. Odds are it’ll get used year after year, and it’s bright orange, so it’s hard to lose track of.

Everyone’s got their own hunt camp routine, but if you’re properly geared up (especially with the little things most people forget), you’re going to have less to worry about, and more time to focus on the deer.



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