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fallow deer

Here’s where to go and what to know about hunting this spotted species.

This beautiful deertypically found sporting white spotswas native to the Mediterranean region of Europe as well as Asia but has since beed introduced throughout the world.

Fallow deer got their name from their usual pale brown color, but you’ll find chocolate fallows, white fallows and spotted fallows in different areas.

Finding a place to hunt these animals isn’t as hard as you might think, though.

Where to Hunt Fallow Deer

Although fallow deer were unique to a select few regions a couple centuries ago, they now roam free range in dozens of countries with great hunting opportunities available, including Portugal, Argentina and New Zealand. If your time and budget allow, combine a trophy fallow deer hunt with some other bucket-list species and head overseas.

If you’re looking to stick to the mainland, however, Texas has it all. Book with a reputable outfitter, and all you’ll need is a non-resident hunting license (or an affordable five-day special hunting license) to chase fallow deer in the Lone Star State.

While they’re considered exotic hunts in Texas with no established hunting season, September through February is the best time to tag a fallow buck carrying his palmate antlers. The fallow rut also typically occurs in the late-October timeframe in the northern hemisphere, making fall a prime time for this hunt.

Most hunting guides will offer you the chance to combine your fallow deer hunting package with other species like sika and axis deer that fall within the exotics category in Texas. Expect to pay trophy fees based on your choice of hunting ranch and the size of your fallow deer buck.

Calling that mimics the “groaning” of rutting fallow deer can be an effective hunting tactic, and hunters typically have the choice of rifle hunting or bowhuntinggoing safari-style or spotting and stalking.

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