Grab a Havalon, watch this how-to video, and then enjoy your bobcat pelt for years to come.

A big mature bobcat is one of the most beautiful pelts you’ll find. Big spots and a blend of colors running to the pointed ears set it apart from other predators. But how do you easily skin one out by yourself?

Jeff Thomason of Predator Pursuit goes to work with his Havalon Knives. He shows us how to quickly and efficiently skin these predators out so you can enjoy the pelt for years to come.

How to Skin a Bobcat

We all love a hunt that ends with a big and beautiful bobcat. And everyone usually wants to keep the pelt. Here is how you easily skin your own bobcat with Havalon Knives.#Havalon #Bobcat #SkinningTutorial #SoSharp #KnivesThatWork

Posted by Predator Pursuit w/ Jeff Thomason on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Jeff is using the Havalon Hydra in this skinning video. The Hydra has two blades, and it comes with a serrated edge that’ll come in handy when dealing with bone.

Predator Pursuit is no stranger to ending hunts with a bobcat down, and Havalon is no stranger to quickly skinning out your harvest, so this is a match made in predator hunting heaven. Last year, Predator Pursuit had an extremely informative segment on how to skin a coyote. You can watch that here.

I can’t wait to see what species we might see from Predator Pursuit and Havalon next year.


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