Maybe I am running out of stuff to blog about.  Maybe I am just getting growly from all this coronoavirus stuff. . . . Judging from the activity I am seeing on our waters and the questions I am answering over and over and over again, we gotta bunch of folks fishing this spring that have not been fishing for a while, or maybe never before.  So, let me go back to the very basics and compile a bunch of suggestions:

First of all, where to fish?  All of our public waters are listed in the back of the 2020 Fishing Guide.


While you are at it, all of our fishing rules and regulations are there too.  You also can find information there on state records and Master Angler Awards, and much, much more.  READ IT!  Know it!

Where to fish?

Start with the 2020 Fishing Forecast.


If you want even more information on the state’s best fishing holes, be sure to check out more in-depth sampling reports HERE.

Oh, some other homework you should do is our fishing webpage.  There is a ton of information there that will get you going in the right direction to catching some fish!

How to fish?

A bunch of good reference material, including some videos on the fishing webpage to which I already referred.  Specifically here, “How to Fish”.

And, you cannot miss with the Kid’s System.

If you want more, the Nebraska Fish & Game Association’s Roger Flanders Beginner’s Corner is another great reference!  While you are there, join and you can ask all the questions you want on their on-line forum.  There are some really good sticks that lurk there and will give you some really good answers!  Check out our Nebraska Fishing FaceBook page while you are at it too!


Lastly let me say this:  Like most things in life, there are no shortcuts to success.  You bet, do all the homework you can, ask all the questions you can, but eventually there is nothing that beats time on the water!  Experience!  Eventually you just gotta do it, and you will fail.  But, a bad fishing trip is still better than a good day’s work.  Learn from the days you do not catch anything and remember, the only thing I know for sure is you cannot catch anything sitting at home on the couch!



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