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The Hang On Helper will save you time, and possibly your life, when it comes to hanging your treestands.

Let’s face it: when it comes to hunting, safety is often the last thing we focus on. We can be hardheaded, forgetful, and even worse, we can be careless.

That’s why Dan Bayus, owner of the Hang On Helper, decided to come up with the idea of something that not only makes hanging the treestand easy, but can also serve as sort of a “last resort” if a strap fails.

The Hang On Helper is a two-piece tool that attaches to your treestand and the tree. Part one is much like a screw-in step, only more secure and specifically designed for this application. The second part attaches securely to your treestand. Together, they lock in place, allowing you a much safer way of hanging your tree stand.

How much safer you might ask? Check out the video below:

Mike Adams Practices Safe Sets

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The unit fits all 8- and 10-inch dual-post stands, as well as single-post stands. This covers a large majority of treestands on the market today.

hang on helper
Hang On Helper

When we think of treestands, we just think about watching a buck approach without seeing or smelling us. All too often, we put safety last, disregarding the risk involved in just hanging our stands. Hang On Helper has you covered from the moment you hang your stand until you’re sitting in it, hoping to get lucky.

For more information on the Hang On Helper, you can visit their website as well as their Facebook Page.

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