Hunter Safety System

If you want to shop smart, gift the hunter in your life a set of Hunter Safety System equipment.

Want to get serious for a second? The best sort of gift you can get anyone who hunts, especially during the holiday season, it’s a set of equipment that will make a tangible difference in their safety concerns. We’re talking about reliable stuff from Hunter Safety System, the brand that’s established itself as trustworthy from the get go.

HSS, as it’s come to be known in the business, excels in ensuring hunters have a way to enter, sit in, and exit their treestands without jeopardizing their safety. Their treestand safety harnesses usually comes with an instructional DVD, helping new owners make best use of it.

Hunter Safety System

Start with a Hunter Safety System Hybrid Flex Safety Harness, and obvious choice not only for its price but for its extra features: it has an Elimishield technology at work, preventing it from absorbing any odors. It’s super lightweight and comfortable, and comes with the needed accessories to serve as a complete system.

There are plenty of storage pockets, and it’s a good harness that fits to your full body.

Hunter Safety System

The Hunter Safety System PATRIOT Harness is another awesome option, and it’s reversible. That means you can use it for public land hunting when blaze orange is required, or stay as concealed as you need to with Realtree Xtra Camo on the other side.

What’s best, it comes in XX large size, so everyone’s covered. HSS knows that hunters come in all shapes and sizes, and would never discriminate like some high end hunting apparel companies do.

Hunter Safety System

Don’t think the female hunter community was forgotten. There’s something especially for women in the Hunter Safety System Women’s Contour Safety Harness, a better fitting, Elimishield scent control technology-equipped harness that also comes with a linemans belt/climbing strap, adjustable tree strap, suspension relief strap/deer drag.

Picture these harnesses as safety belts for tree hunting. They’re always going to hold the loads that are put on them, and they’re made of smart fabrics that are ideal for today’s modern hunter. A reflective lifeline with quick-connect strap seems so simple, but it could mean the difference between health and serious injury.

If you’re piecing together or supplementing a setup, you can get HSS items that are a little less cost but still completely worth it when they’re all used together.

Hunter Safety System

Hunter Safety System Rope-Style Tree Strap would be a good gift, or some Night and Day Trail Markers. You almost can’t go wrong with any of those less expensive items.

The reflective nature and cowbell-included features of the Tandem Lifeline are undoubtedly going to pay dividends if there’s an accident with two hunters in the same tree. Even just a couple carabiners, maybe for stocking stuffers or small, individual gifts, are a great idea.

Round it out with a Hunter Safety System Muff Pak Hand Warmer, something that’s found on plenty a wishlist across the hunting crowd.

When you’re thinking of gifts you can get for someone without relying on the old, boring sports & outdoors gear, make a good, well-intended decision.

Treestand safety simply can’t be overstated, and when you give someone the sorts of things HSS makes, it’s a dang good way to show them you care. Everything they make is a great product, and they’ll actually get used (unlike some other gifts we can think of) for many deer seasons to come.



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