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How To Clean Your Boat in Under an Hour – After a day of fishing, successful or not, you have to clean your boat. While we may focus on fishing apparel at Gillz, we live the fisherman lifestyle. We have provided some quick boat cleaning tips to make the cleaning process fast and painless so that you can be home for dinner.

Tips to Clean Your Boat in Under an Hour

If you do it right, a quick boat clean doesn’t have to be a bad job. You can still do a 1-hour boat cleaning that leaves her shiny and ready for your next trip.

Prepping Your Boat

The best way to clean your boat quickly is to act preemptively.  If you take the extra time in advance and follow proper boat maintenance, you will find that you will have to spend less time cleaning later.

Just like finding the right performance fishing gear is important, you need to find the right cleaning products for your boat. Pay attention to labels, as not every cleaner or brush is good for every surface. Read reviews to see what products work best on boats similar to yours. Having good quality products will cut down on cleaning time.

Apply a high-quality wax to your boat. How frequently you need to do this will depend on how often you take your boat out. Applying the wax as necessary will make the routine cleanings easier and faster.

Clean as you go. Fishing can be a messy business! Something is bound to get on your boat. If you have the time, use the washdown system or at least wipe down these messes as you go to save you time later.

1-Hour Boat Cleaning

The first thing you should do is rinse off the saltwater using fresh water. Rather than using a hose, a pressure washer may make this process faster. Aside from out on the water, now is when moisture wicking shirts and fishing masks may come in handy.

Wipe and scrub your boat down in sections. It will be a lot faster that wasting time moving from one side to the other.  

Four hands are better than two. That being said, make sure whoever is helping you knows what they are doing. You do not want any unnecessary damaged to your boat because that person used the wrong brush or cleaner.

Pro tip: Remember to keep your UV protection apparel on to protect yourself from the sun as you clean your boat, especially if you got an early start and are coming back when the sun is at its highest. You will be thankful for your UV fishing shirts when you notice the sunburnt amateur a few boats down.


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