The Frenchman bet on a total of 42 matches, the Tennis Integrity Unit said. Corruption caught up with a French tennis official.

Anthony Pravettoni has been suspended for eight months and fined $5,000 for betting on tennis offenses, the Tennis Integrity Unit announced. Three months of the suspension and $4,500 of the fine are suspended on condition that he commits no further breaches of the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program (TACP).

Tennis Express

Pravettoni will serve a five-month suspension, which began on April 9th, and pay a fine of $500. The TIU found Pravettoni bet on 42 pro matches—none of which he officiated in—between February 24th and August 27th, 2019.

While serving his suspension, Pravettoni is prohibited from officiating in, or attending, any sanctioned event organized or recognized by the governing bodies of the sport for a period of five months.