Photo of an online impersonation

We wanted to make the Outdoor Photographer community aware that we’ve been alerted to several instances of scammers posing as editors of OP who have reached out to photographers. On various occasions, these fake OP editors have contacted photographers on Instagram and other social media sites saying they were interested in paying for image usage.

As far as we can tell, this is a scam, and you should be wary if you are contacted in this way. Outdoor Photographer does not use personal social media accounts or Gmail accounts to contact photographers for professional reasons.

These latest incidents are similar to an OP staff impersonation that occurred a little over a year ago. As we said then, it’s an unfortunate part of being a notable, regarded publication that attempts at impersonation and exploitation are made from time to time.

If someone purporting to be an OP editor reaches out to you and you are concerned it may be a fraudulent inquiry, please feel free to contact OP Editorial at for verification.

Dan Havlik, Editor-in-Chief, Outdoor Photographer

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