FN America, LLC is pleased to announce the release of two new FN 15® series rifles that meet requirements for sale in California. The FN 15 Tactical Carbine II CA and FN 15 DMR II CA have been outfitted with the featureless Hera CQR stock and 10-round Magpul PMAG to be compliant with the new 2017 California legislation.

“Many of California’s pro-gun residents have had very limited options in terms of what they could purchase because of the state-imposed regulations on firearms,” said John Keppeler, vice president of sales and marketing for FN America, LLC. “FN saw California’s market as an opportunity to expand the FN 15 line. This addition will finally offer a quality-built FN rifle to gun buyers who have limited compliant options. We hope to earn a few new FN fans along the way and further expand our compliant series to other heavily restricted states.”

The fixed and featureless Hera CQR stock meets all California requirements in one solution by removing the pistol grip or thumb hole commonly found on most rifle stocks. The FN 15 Tactical Carbine II CA is currently shipping to FN’s distributors and is priced at $1,799 (MSRP). The FN 15 DMR II CA is expected to ship within the next few weeks and will be priced at $2,099 (MSRP).

To learn more about the new California-compliant rifles or other FN products, please visit www.fnamerica.com or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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