FLW - How to Work in Fishing, by Brian Latimer

There was a time when the only way to make money at fishing and to express your love for our sport was by fishing tournaments, but that’s just not true anymore. With the growth curve we’ve had, the economic muscle of the fishing industry has spawned some interesting opportunities that didn’t really exist years ago.

Now, there are many jobs in the fishing industry that allow someone with a creative mind to indulge in what they love to do. I get to be around a lot of pros, but my job has also brought me into contact with a lot of folks with other jobs in fishing. So, here are four people I think you should follow and study if you know you belong in the fishing industry, but you don’t know exactly where yet.

Rob Matsuura – FLW Staff Videographer and Photographer

I met Rob through the FLW Tour last year when he was doing freelance work for FLW and some pros. Rob’s love for catching fish pushed him in the direction of actually documenting the game in a very unique way. Creating content through video, pictures and written words will always have its place in this game. If you’re a creative mind, every company in the industry is looking for a way to capture moments on video and distribute that content, and Rob does it as creatively as anyone.

Rob Jordan – Guide, FLW Tour pro

Even though Rob’s day job is fishing the FLW Tour, he started his career as a fishing guide on Lake Lanier. For the angler who loves to be on the water every day and has the personality to entertain guests, being a fishing guide is a great way to make a living. Rob also has a creative talent that he expresses through custom lure painting, which is another career opportunity for aspiring anglers. Really, the sky is the limit – whatever your gift is, there is room in the fishing industry for you.

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